1. The award shall be called “Shakuntala Krishnamurthy Nuclear Hepatology Award”. This award has been instituted by creating a corpus fund from the money contributed by Dr. G T Krishnamurthy, USA.
  2. Guidelines for Shakuntala Krishnamurthy Nuclear Hepatology Award under the auspices of Society of nuclear Medicine, India
    1. This award is to be given for the best paper in the field of Nuclear Hepatology presented on stage in the Annual Conference of SNM(I). Two awards, one first and another second, will be given every year. Submission of a full paper is mandatory for consideration of award. Best papers will be published in the subsequent issue of IJNM.
    2. The papers to be considered for award shall be on original work in any of the various aspects of Nuclear Hepatology.
    3. Eligibility for consideration of the papers:
      1. At least one of the authors of the papers should be life member of Society of Nuclear Medicine, India.
      2. The presenting author need not be a member of the Society but should be a pre-registered delegate for the Conference.
      3. The paper should not have been presented or submitted to any other journal or Conference.
      4. The full manuscript of the paper with figures, tables etc. should be submitted in the prescribed format for publication in the Indian Journal of Nuclear Medicine. The Consent of authors and copy rights transfer form should be sent to the Editor in Chief IJNM for publication in its subsequent issue.
      5. Any financial support or grant from Government or non-governmental agency or industrial/trade organizations towards the study should be notified.
    4. Screening of Papers contesting for the award:
      1. The Scientific Committee of the Conference shall identify an academic expert who is not associated with any of the papers and utilize his/her services to screen the material to decide their suitability for presentation in the award paper session.
      2. The papers/abstracts should be sent to screening judge/expert keeping identity of authors and their affiliation as secret/confidential so as to keep process as impartial and neutral.
    5. Norms for conducting Award Paper Session:
      1. Minimum of one hour should be allocated to Best Paper Session. The duration may be increased (if more than 5 papers accepted).
      2. Presentation of each paper shall be for 8 minutes followed by 2 minutes for discussion.
    6. Judges:
      1. Any three office bearers of SNM (I) shall jointly decide and prepare a panel of three judges from those available for the conference from various parts of the country, in consultation with the organizing secretary.
      2. One of the 3 office bearers shall act as coordinators for the judges and he/she shall assist them in smooth conduct of the session. An objective scoring scheme and chart may be prepared and provide to the judges. The criteria could be like clinical relevance of the paper, innovative idea/novelty of subject, mode of presentation by the author, clarity, methodology, response to questions, slides-presentation format, etc.
      3. At the end of the session a summarized statement of result shall be jointly prepared and signed by the judges and should be handed over to the co-ordinator.
      4. Judges should be selected from retired or senior faculty from leading teaching institutions/hospitals or equivalent from all parts of the country.
      5. Any person who is directly or indirectly associated with any of the papers shall not be eligible to serve as judge for the award paper session.
    7. Award:
      1. The award shall comprise of prize money, Certificate and memento.
      2. The Prize Money will be Rs. 12,000/- (Rupees Twelve Thousand Only) for the first prize/position (Best Paper) and Rs. 8,000/- (Rupees Eight Thousand Only) for the second prize/position (2nd Best Paper) in the form of cheque from SNM (I).
      3. The citation will bear the names of the first three authors of the award winning paper and its title.
      4. A prototype memento shall be prepared at the SNM office; bearing the logo of SNMI and the title of the award ‘“Shakuntala Krishnamurthy Best Paper Award in Nuclear Hepatology”, with mention of year and venue / town city of SNMICON.
      5. The award shall be handed over to the winner in the Valedictory Function by the Chief Guest/the outgoing President of SNM (I).
      6. If there are no suitable candidates in any given year, then no award is made that year and interest will accumulate to increase the core